A Natural Source of Plant Nutrition

Solutions 4Earth’s Infinite™ brand fertilizers are engineered to help farmers improve productivity, profitability and sustainability. These safe, OMRI listed organic products are ideal for use on a wide range of crops through soil (in-furrow, drip or flood) and foliar applications. Infinite brand fertilizers provide excellent crop nutrition by enhancing soil health and microbial activity and stimulating root and plant growth.


Our Commitment To Farmers & Ranchers

Whether you’re growing corn in Iowa, almonds in California, wheat in Kansas, alfalfa in New York or tomatoes in Florida, all farmers want high quality, productive soil.

The truth is that your plants—whether grown conventional or organic—are only as healthy as your soil. Everything you do to your soil is done to your plants, which is why our products treat your soil with the utmost care.

Solutions 4Earth’s Infinite products join a full lineup of environmentally friendly fertilizers that create balanced and sustainable agricultural environments, allowing you to maximize your organic farming operation’s infinite potential.

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