Solutions 4Earth, LLC, Debuts INFINITE® Brand

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Solutions 4Earth, LLC, Debuts INFINITE® Brand Organic Liquid Fertilizers for Agriculture & Turf

Henderson, Nevada (Feb. 6, 2018) – Solutions 4Earth, LLC, is launching two new liquid organic products under the INFINITE® brand – Infinite® Push™ 3-2-1 and Infinite® Core™ 2-2-2. Both Infinite® Push™ and Infinite® Core™ are labeled for a wide range of crops including turf grass, and they are registered for organic use through the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA)- Organic Input Material (OIM) program. Infinite® Push™ 3-2-1 is also listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

“We’re excited. This organic product is excellent for use on vegetable or fruit crops where quick plant growth responses are desired without any concerns over food safety,” says Mickey Brown, Solutions 4Earth CEO. “Infinite® provides another tool for organic growers to grow excellent crops and provide consumers a healthier product with no odor issues.”

Infinite® fertilizers are organic, low-odor, pathogen-free and non-GMO, containing nutrients necessary for strong plant growth. Infinite® fertilizers can be applied to soil or as a foliar spray. Infinite® products easily mix with water and can be injected through drip irrigation systems. Infinite® fertilizers can easily be used in drip irrigation systems due to their screening processes during manufacturing. Infinite® fertilizers have a low salt index, so there is minimal concern for any foliar burn when using the product as a foliar spray.

“Since Infinite® is liquid-based and provides relatively quick plant response, it is perfect for those desiring to practice a more nutrient-efficient, ‘spoon-feeding’ approach to grow a crop,” adds Rick Vetanovetz, Ph.D., vice president of research development, Solutions 4Earth. “It offers all the benefits of organics by adding carbon to the soil, resulting in enhanced microbial growth and improving soil health in an easy-to-use preparation.”

Infinite® products are sold in 275-gallon IBC totes and 2.5-gallon jugs. These products are now available.
“This is just the beginning for us as we build our organic line-up using high-quality inputs,” says Vetanovetz. “As our company name implies, our strategy is to continue offering products that will provide growers with tools to help grow better crops while enhancing environmental stewardship.”

Contact: Rick Vetanovetz, Ph.D., Vice President, Research,
Solutions 4Earth, 702-315-5121,

Solutions 4Earth, LLC is an environmental products company specializing in new generation plant nutritional products and waste management solutions.

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